iPhone Photography Presentations

iPhone Photography / iPhoneography Presentations by Teri Lou Dantzler

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iPhone Photo Presentations 
Learn, Discover and Understand more about the possibilities of iPhoneography. 

The iPhone is an incredible tool for photographers of all levels. This powerful device can capture, process, share and print images without the need of a computer. Add the iPad to your processing workflow for more options.

Learn about the many cameras available and which one is best to use for various options. 

Discover how to apply basic processing, simple blending and masking techniques.

Understand the importance of purchasing and processing with high resolution applications.

Have fun, play and experiment!

The presenter, Teri Lou Dantzler, is one of the best iPhone Photographers today. She has the creativity and insight it takes to create artistic images with the iPhone/iPad. Aurora Photos calls her an 'iPhone Photography guru'. Teri Lou has a vast knowledge of relevant applications and how to use them in the most interesting ways. She co teaches iPhone Photography workshops throughout the USA and created two online courses that she instructs monthly.


Contact Teri Lou at: teri@terilou.com or 509-674-8424

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