June 25, 2018

Best Apps for Finding What to do When Visiting a New City?

Best Apps for Finding What to do When Visiting a New City
Vacation vs VanLife
Some people plan months in advance when going on vacation but that isn’t often the case when living on the road full time. Many times I find myself wandering from one place to the other because of recommendations by others. This way of travel is exciting and often brings me to places I never would have visited otherwise.

Often when I arrive I will go to the visitor center and ask questions: What shouldn’t I miss doing or seeing when here? Is there a special event happening this week? Where can I take a shower? Is there free camping? Do you know of a vegan restaurant? 
The answers are often helpful but there are other options that provide much more information. Here is a list of apps I often use as reference.

Yelp is most known for finding great restaurant options around you. Not only will you find a large variety of food but each location is rated helping you to weed through the not so good places. Yelp however is helpful in many other ways, try searching: “comedy clubs”, “hiking trails” or “beaches” for things to do. If you are in need of personal care search: “shower”, “haircut”, “pedicure”, or ”laundromat”. The options are pretty much limitless. I like to filter my search with the “open now” option checked so I don’t drive across town just to realize the place is closed. Yelp provides phone numbers, directions, website links, reviews and so much more. If you haven’t yet used Yelp you will soon love it.

Facebook - Events
If you have never accessed this portion of Facebook you will be amazed at the options listed. Where ever you are or might be going to you can find an abundance of events that are happening, Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week or Choose Date. The events are searchable by type if you tap ‘Filter’ and pick from choices like: Art, Health, Music, Party, Food, etc.
The events will provide information on number of people going or just interested, the date and time, location, details and how to get tickets, if applicable.

If you aren’t already a member of Meetup you should be. Meetup is an App that gives you access to groups of people that gather for all kinds of activities. Hiking, happy hour, board games, coffee and chat, and photography; are just a few of the 1000’s of options. Each city has their own options.
If you are a planner you can start joining groups all over the country that have like interests and see what activities are planned or join when you arrive at a particular city. Some Meetup groups have fees, but most likely waive it for the first time attendees. Sign up for the activities/events you want to attend. If you change your mind or can’t attend change your status to “not going” as being a no show isn’t polite since you most likely stopped someone else from being able to attend.

Other Apps
Another favorite suggestion is to search and download  apps that the visitor center or chamber in the city you are visiting created. By searching the name of the city you may find a variety of options. Start with the free ones to find “Things to do in ....”
Also Travelocity is a great reference for option of things to do and see in different cities.

Where do plan to visit next? What will you do there? Who will you meet? Enjoy the adventures that lie ahead!

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