June 18, 2018

Top Questions at TinyFest California

Information Board at TinyFest California
I just spent 3 days at TinyFest California sharing my van build and my vanlife with the public. After talking to about 500 people I have tallied what the top 5 questions were. I will answer them briefly here and continue to expand the information regarding each one in future posts.

If you have additional questions that you would like me to answer please add it to the comments.

Where do you sleep?
Since my van is very stealth, I am able to park it overnight most anywhere. I never park where it is signed not to because that is just asking to be hassled.
Some places have been: Hospital, Hotels, Apartments, Roadsides, Neighborhoods, Friend's house, Rest Stop, Truck Stop, Campgrounds, Churches, Trailheads, Casinos, BLM Land, Forest Service Land, etc.

Where do you take a shower?
I have an outside shower that I can use if in private location, I have also used: Laundromat, Campground (even if you are just at the Day Use area), Truck Stop, Recreation Center, beach parks  (swimming suit required).

Have you been hassled by the police or security?
Before arriving to my location that I plan to sleep for the night I take care of my bathroom needs and anything else that would require me to leave the van. Then I find my location, park, shut my partition between the cab and living space, cover my windows with blackout curtains and THEN turn on the lights. This way I am less likely to attract attention. I also am quiet, respectful and leave in the morning before I would most likely be noticed.

Do you have a toilet?
Not in my van, however I often use a female urinal.
For full disclosure please read a previous post, "Do you have a Toilet?".

How long have you been living in your van?
Since May 2017, just put my house in Washington on the market and have no plans on stopping this lifestyle at present.

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