December 5, 2010

Welcome to iPhoneography with Teri Lou

My first ProHDR image captured with the iPhone 4

I was the biggest skeptic. I couldn't believe top professional photographers from around the world were 'choosing' to photograph with their iPhone over their digital SLR cameras. I thought they were crazy. Why waste your time with such a toy? A particular friend of mine, Tony Sweet, taught a photographic workshop in Iceland and started posting images from there on Facebook that were captured and processed on his iPhone. I thought well that is okay, he is on the road and the iPhone is so much more convenient. However when the madness continued upon his return, I was flabbergasted.
Little did I know, and found out months later, that my now good friend Harry Sandler 
was behind the scenes teaching Tony all about the artistic possibilities of the iPhone. 
Harry was showing Tony how to create images like none I'd seen before. 
Then two short months ago I received an early birthday present, an iPhone 4 with a 5 mega-pixel camera. Cool!, I thought, it has video and Facetime, that might be fun. I didn't take the 'camera' too seriously. However on October 4th 2010 my life changed! On that day my friend,  John Barclay, suggested I install the app ProHDR and take a photo. Sure I thought I love HDR images. So I borrowed a friend iPhone holder for my tripod and touched the screen waiting for the magic to happen. And did it ever happen. Instantly I got 'IT'... all the possibilities rushed into my brain. Amazing images captured with this device that is always in my pocket that are easily uploaded to my family and friend through email, messaging and Facebook, and  from anywhere in the world.
Six weeks later I had captured over 3400 images with this wonderful tool that has allowed me to follow my passion in a whole new way!

iPhoneography classes from beginner to advance are available. Please contact me for further information.

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