March 17, 2011

Hall's Creek Overlook

Hall's Creek Overlook

I had an incredible last day among the red rocks yesterday. I want to thank my new friend David for all his advice and helpful hints that lead me to this incredible place. Utah is even more impressive then I imagined, which seemed impossible until yesterday. It is amazing how a simple 125 miles drive can show you so much diverse beauty. From sunrise to sunset I was busy capturing images. 
The exciting part of my day was the last 5 miles to this overlook. Keeping in mind that I am 50 miles from anything that represents civilization, I decided to drive down a four wheel drive dirt road. At times the sand was soft, the rocks were sharp and the difficultly was questionable. It wasn't until I became high centered trying to cross a rather deep dip in the road that there was a problem. It was a very strange feeling to have the car rock front left to back right as I lost traction. Luckily I popped right out of the dip when I put the car in reverse and gently pressed the gas pedal. 
So after I pulled the car off the road and moved it out of the way I continued the journey on foot to the viewpoint, another 1.5 miles. So glad I had this adventure. I will return to take the 2.5 mile hike to the canyon on the other side of the valley.

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