March 14, 2011

Many Faces of Bryce National Park

When I first arrived in the park, I noticed these contrasting blackened tree trucks  among the snow. I have always wanted to try and capture a slow shutter pan of this type of scene. I captured this photograph with the SlowShutter camera and processed it with Filterstorm and PhotoForge.
Bryce National Park, Utah - Sunset Viewpoint

This image was captured using the ProHDR camera. Stitched together with Autostitch and then iPainted in PhotoForge. The  iPainted version was blended with the original at 25% using Iris.

What an incredible National Park! So wonderful that the clouds came in. I went to all the viewpoint pull offs today in the park. What an amazing landscape. The hoodoos were crumbling as I walked the path into the canyon. Just had a wonderful day. 

Thor's Hammer

There was quite a bit of snow still on the trail to the canyon. It was also muddy and wet with a stream flowing down the center of it at times. Felt so good to be among the giants in complete silence.

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