April 9, 2011

Sammy's Masterpiece

I am proud to present Sammy's first app'ed image. She captured it with her point and shoot - still trying to convince mom and dad that the iPhone and iPad is a must for her creative talents to blossom!
I transferred her original image to my iPad so she could play with a few apps. I introduced her to PhotoStudio and within a few minutes she was creating. Sammy is 14 and a true prodigy of the tech world. Unlike many adults who want to know what every button does before they tap a single one, Sammy was ready after a few simple directions.
After she was happy with her image in PhotoStudio, I showed her how to brush and blend in Filterstorm and before you know it she had created this masterpiece!
I would love to have the opportunity to teach more of her age group and high school students. The raw enthusiasm and desire to play is so refreshing and rewarding to an instructor like myself.
Thanks for spending the evening on the couch with me Sammy. I can't wait for lesson two!

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