June 24, 2011

Palouse Photo Tour - Working with Filterstorm 3.0

Covered Bridge on a perfect day.
I started my Palouse Photo Tour today. It was one of those perfect days just like I ordered. Brillant blue skies, red barns, green fields and white puffy clouds.

It is a semi private group so we can stop on a whim and take advantage of many of the lessor know places. We ended today with the classic sunset on Steptoe Butte. tomorrow getting up early for sunrise, so the this image has only a few adjustments processed in the new Filterstorm update.

I just spent a short time discovering the new update to Filterstorm. At first when I opened it I thought, where do I start. Quickly I began navigating my way through some of the changes. Being able to see in color where you are brushing on the mask is wonderful, makes me think of how bad I must have been doing it in the past...oops! So grateful for the improvements. Can't wait to play with it some more as I have so little time this evening to discover more. I am encouraged and grateful when a developer continues to create such a great product. Well done Tai Shimizu!

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