October 7, 2011

The Grand Canyon North Rim

An Early Sunrise 
On the drive to the north rim of the Grand Canyon it was long after sunset and snowing, sometimes heavily. Another adventure. When we arrived, Mark and I asked lots of questions to where the best location for sunrise would be. The choices seemed limited, more so than the south rim anyways. The trail we chose followed the rim from the campground to the lodge. So we drove to the camp ground - a first for this trip - and followed the nightly ritual of moving all the gear from the back to the front. The main difference was the temperature, a very cold 24 degrees.
The alarm went off at 5am and as usual it is very difficult to get out of bed when it is cold and dark outside. But we did it. The funny thing was neither one of us had gloves so we used an extra pair of socks.
The sunrise was wonderful and we chose many locations to capture its magnificence as the clouds danced in the sky.


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  1. 40+ years ago Paulette and I drove that area north of Grand Canyon and skirting the south edge of Vermillion Cliffs in a VW van. A great adventure, no crowds, no rules, unbelievable scenes. Just had to keep warm at night and the rest was fun. Oh...and no "campgrounds" either.

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