November 30, 2011

Artistic Expression - Self Portraits

Black and White - Self Portrait

Since I travel alone much of the time, I started capturing self portraits in beautiful locations so I could show 'the family' where I was. In these images I would face the camera and smile. It was my way to say, "Hi!". My Uncle Dale influenced me to take these photos because his images always include people. He has documented fully every family gathering we have ever had and since he wasn't at 'my gathering', I thought I would help him add to his collection. That was my thought anyway.  

 Soon I began to capture a different view of myself. I would position the camera to see my back or a side view as I looked out at the landscape rather than at the camera. My thought was that I wanted to become part of the scene instead of the star of the show.  

 Now I take lots of self portraits with many thoughts in mind. I have begun to create collections, one I call "My Backside" and in the another I am in my Walter Mitty World. I find the process a work in self exploration.  

 I had a great time creating today's image on the plane ride from Denver to Indiana. It was completely processed on the iPad. I used PhotoWizard for the filters, Filterstorm to put it together, Grungetastic for the final frame, and Snapseed for sharpening. I loved the process of trying to figure out how to accomplish what I want to do. I get all excited when I figure out how I can do the blending and cropping I want. 

Today was one of those days that I am so glad to have discovered this form of artistic expression. 

The next iPhoneography Classes Available February 13th 2012! I will be out of the country and unavailable for most of January 2012. upon my return I will have fascinating images from many Asian countries.

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