November 17, 2011

Theme Week: One Minute From Your Front Door

There is a private Facebook Group for students of Harry Sandler and mine to use as a continued source of information for their iPhone Photography. The group is very active and produces incredible imagery. It is amazing how even though each student is primarily taught the same applications, the work is completely individual.

Last week Scooter Lowrimore proposed the idea of having a 'Theme Week". Harry and I thought it was a great idea. So Scooter posted: "The first theme is called 'Just One Minute" where the image must be taken within one minute from where you live.  My idea on this theme is that we all get to know a bit more about each other's environs." 

Here in alphabetical order are a few of the images that were posted.

by Linda Reinicke Barnes
by Cecily Batey Caceu
by Shirley Drevich

by Sara McCraken

by Mandolina Moon
by Nancy Thorington
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