December 8, 2011

Less is More

I just love abandoned!
While in Northern Indiana came across this abandoned park. I love places like this and was thrilled that the front entrance was open, thanks to one of the gates that had fallen down. Upon entering I saw this wheelchair and knew this image was going to be my blog post. There were so many wonderful photographs to be captured here. I could have photographed here all day long.
I worked on processing this image last night in preparation to blog. I app'd it with many choices and combinations, however the image wasn't speaking to me. I wasn't happy and fell asleep frustrated. This morning I went in several different directions continuing to open this app and that app. However I felt that I was creating something different than what I wanted.
So I stepped way back and instead of 'apping' it. I used Filterstorm to make minor adjustments. I used the tools available to lead the viewers eye to the parts of the image that I wanted them to go.
So the lesson I was reminded of today is sometimes less is more.



  1. There are so many people,it seems, app'ing for the sake of app'ing. It's nice to see a wonderful image made "straight"...mostly.. 8o)

  2. Is this outside of Angola Indiana? I think I saw it when I was up there a few months ago but did not take any photos.

  3. Teri is this in Chesterton Porter county? The waterpark on hwy 20? If so you are 15 mins. from me.


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