December 28, 2011

Theme Week - Birds - The Last-Pixel Show

This weeks challenge included birds and sharing a new app as a Christmas gift to the group. Again I am amazed at the possibilities the students are exploring. So creative!

Cecily Batey Caceu

Denita Raymont 
Irene Oleksiuk

Jeff Lovinger

Tom Burnside

Vivi Hanson Sacerdote

The Last Pixel Show is now putting together their 2012 iPhone Photography workshop list and calendar. Please vote on the destinations you are most interested in, found on the side bar to the left.

The next iPhoneography Classes Available February 13th 2012! I will be out of the country and unavailable for most of January 2012. upon my return I will have fascinating images from many Asian countries.

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  1. You go west for the black setting sun
    You go south to the white spirit world
    You go east for those real green eyes
    You go north, walk the good red road
    Jenny Lewis


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