January 12, 2012

Himalayan Baby Bath

A moment in the Himalayan high alpine area.

Setting the scene: Mom is sitting outside in the sunshine on a concrete floor at 11,500 feet where the outside temp was 25 F degrees, if that much, holding her baby girl. There are two small plastic tubs: one filled with warm water and a plastic cup for pouring. The other empty.

The 12 month old baby girl is unwrapped from 3 layers of clothing. When the last item, a jumper, is removed mom discovers a poopy mess. So she uses the jumper to wipe the baby clean. However the mess isn't completely removed and the baby still has poop on her bottom and legs. When mom cuddles the baby to her the mess is transfer all over her dress. The bath starts by holding the babies head over the empty bucket as the warm water is poured over on her hair to wet it. Mom starts singing a lullaby. The baby fusses only a bit while mom uses a bar of soap to wash her hair. The lullaby continues as mom rinses. When the hair is completely rinsed mom sits the baby in the tub with the rinse water. The baby sits still as mom continues to wash her with the bar of soap. After being soaped up mom pours the warm water all over the baby rinsing her several times. Finally the baby is wrapped in a towel, dried and cuddled.


  1. Glad to hear fro you hope trip becomes all you hoped it would

  2. 25F ?!!! Ouch! I'd be freezing my butt off! You know, some people are much hardier than we are though. Wow!


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