March 27, 2012

Mom will be Surprised, Again

I am just getting ready to board a plane in Denver, heading home after spending about a week with my mom and lots of family.
I hadn't seen my mom since August when she headed out with her husband Rex in a truck and camper. She has travel through much of the northern and middle USA. She has collected quarters, pins, magnets and postcards along the way. She always stops at each capital to take a photo. In fact she takes photos everywhere.
Yesterday the family went on a train ride through the Royal Gorge. We sat in the dome car and enjoyed the open air car for part of the trip. I took photos of the sights but wanted to share this one of my mom and Rex today. She was so happy to be sharing this moment with everyone.
On this trip I also gave my mom a late Christmas present of my old iPad.
Everyday we would practice how to use it. I so enjoyed watching her move from app to app, playing and learning. It will be great fun to play Internet games with as we travel to our next destinations.
Bye mom see you when we are both home again.

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