March 19, 2012

A new iPad to process on - iPadography - lol

Simple image of the Bellevue Transit station.

Zoomed in on Camera Roll

My New iPad arrived on Friday and I spent the weekend checking things out!

The best and most important change for photographers is the "best screen on any mobile device". It is sharp and clear.
There is a 5mp camera and I have heard many people say they will use is to capture images and video, but I can't imagine using it myself. Since I use my tripod most of the time, I would need an iPad holder and I am guaranteed to get crazy looks then and as Harry Sandler said, "Don't shoot in the wind!" So true, it won't be steady in the least and will most likely blow over.

iPhoto is now offered as an app for the iPhone and the iPad however I was disappointed to find that it didn't allow the albums to be synced between the Mac, iPhone and iPad. I am still waiting on a way to manage our photos and folders well. The processing tools of iPhoto are fine for the basics but many applications offer much more.

What I did discover when setting up my new iPad is that I have 172 processing apllications and 58 camera applications. Yes, many of the processing applications have cameras and many of the cameras process images but I have chosen to separate them in folders that make the most sense to me. I have a screen full of processing folders labeled according to what they do best. ie Black and White, Frames, Vintage, etc. Then I have a screen full of camera folders and other photographic related folders.

I am excited to announce that ProCamera Blog did a write up about me and the workshops I do with Harry Sandler and The Last Pixel Show. Take a look.

The Last Pixel Show is arriving in Napa Valley soon! Still time to sign up for the iPhone Photography Workshop April 5th - 9th. 

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