April 30, 2012

Photo iPossibilities - Depth of Field

This week's question:
Is it possible to achieve an equal (if not better) Depth of Field using an iPhone Camera + post-processing apps, than an actual dSLR?

Depth of field 

In the case of depth of field, the iPhone camera apps ProCamera and Camera+ can do just as good as a job as the dSLR when capturing an image that is close up. When using the Olloclip, as a macro lens, the depth of field can be very small and creates a very narrow focus point. 

Since the iPhone doesn't have a true zoom lens, you can't compress the image and create depth the field during capture when objects are far away. In that case you can process the image afterwards and create depth the field with apps like iBlur, iQuikDoF, Finger Focus or a Tilt shift lens look with Snapseed and TiltShiftGen. 

The images below were captured using ProCamera. The focus point was set first on the closest flower, then on the flowers in the background and finally on the ground below the flowers. It is obvious that this camera app does a great job at depth of field.

The image below was captured with the SynthCam app. It creates a unique look by allowing you to choose which item you want in focus.

The image below was captured with the native camera and then processed using TiltShiftGen to achieve the narrow focal point on the headlight.

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  1. How about revisiting your basic work flow? We talked about this a year ago in your first class I took, any changes since then, or new apps to be included?


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