May 22, 2012

Google + Photography Conference

Japanese Garden in the Golden Gate Park

Went on a Photowalk in San Francisco with Scott Kelby on Monday afternoon. It was fun to show off the possibilities to everyone. It still amazes even me! What a powerful camera and darkroom we have in the palm of our hands. Hoping to continue to inspire, motivate and show what is possible! I am in SF to learn more about the photographic opportunities that Google + has to offer. It will be a packed 2 days of fun!

AutoStitch 3x3

Online courses start again on June 11th. Sign up soon.
Coming Soon!!! Live online Tutoring and Lessons.


  1. Beautiful gardens - and Painteresque with its rich colors and contrasts adds a sense of drama and depth to the scene. What defines a "Photowalk" from a walk when you take your iPhone along and just happen to take some shots of the scenes as they present themselves!?

  2. This image is very serene. My soul truly needed it this AM. Thank you for following your passion and chasing your dreams. You are a good soul with a creative eye !!!


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