May 29, 2012

Photo iPossibilities - Stitching Images

This Week's Question:
Is it possible to stitch image togethers in a way other than only one high?

Yes. You can stitch together any combination of numbers long and wide.
Todays image is a 2x2 because I was so close to the object and wanted to get more of the scene that one image across could accomplish.

Another car that I have driven by for 20 years. At least I will get them before I move.

Image before processing. You can see that there were 4 images stitched together, see the 4 squares. I then cropped away the forground and some of the sky to put more emphasis on the car.

Artista Sketch HD
Vintage HD

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  1. I don't understand! This photo doen't look like a 2 x 2 format, nor have you included a stitching app in the list of app?? Did I miss something here.


    1. Thanks for letting me know that the post needed more description. I hope the additional information clarified your questions.

    2. Hello again Teri. Thanks for adding the image that was output from AutoStitch, and for adding ProHDR and AutoStitch to the list of apps. It is much clearer to me now!



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