May 13, 2012

Photo iPossibilities - TouchRetouch

"Is it possible to remove unwanted items from an image?"

Yes, it is possible. One of the first apps to totally amaze me was TouchRetouch. It not only has a feature much like content aware in Photoshop but it also has a clone tool and you can by it for less than a Grande Mocha at Starbucks!

The Diptic below first shows the original image in the upper left hand corner. The next image going clockwise is when I used the brush to select the unwanted items. Then I again used the brush to clean up the details. In the final image all the items are cleanly and amazingly gone without a trace!

FYI this week I will be home preparing to decide what I want to sell in an Estate Sale I am having Memorial weekend. Unfortunately I have no Internet at my house at this time and can only access the Internet via my iPhone. So please be patient with my slow responses.

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