June 3, 2012

Photo iPossibilities - fxPhotoStudio Favorites

With fxPhotoStudio HD is possible to save just some of the effects in another folder?

Yes, you can. By tapping on the star to the right of the effect image, you can make a folder of your favorites. Also you can hide effects you don't think you will ever use.

When in 'All Effects" if you tap on the yellow circle you will place the selection in a 'Favorite' folder.

When in the 'Favorites" folder you will only see the selections you starred.

You can also "Hide" effects by swiping the selection from right to left. When the red Hide appears tap it.

The 'Hidden Effects" can be found within the "Options" tab.

If you tap on "Hidden Effects" you will see a list of the effects you have hidden. If you want them to again appear in your choices of effects just tap on the 'Check".

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