July 30, 2012

Five Must Have iPhone Photography Processing Apps for less than $15

Captured in Nepal
There are so many applications for photography to choose from these days. Looking at the list on iTunes is overwhelming. I am often asked which one is my favorite, an impossible question to answer. However I can list a few that I can't do without and that are part of my daily workflow.

I prefer to process my images on my iPad and do so 95% of the time. Therefore I always purchase the iPad version of the applications when available.

The below list of applications can be purchased for less than $15. They will provide you with a solid platform to work from when processing your images.

Filterstorm: A complex application that is a powerhouse for brushing, masking and blending. This application provides great control over brush size, softness and opacity when masking. I also use this application for detailed burning and dodging. $3.99 by Tai Shimizu

Snapseed: This is the first application I open when processing my images. I am finding that I always use Image Tune and Details. $4.99 by Nik Software

Image Blender: Simple, and to the point! I always go to this application when combining two images. It easily and efficiently allows me to choose a blending mode and move the slider to the most appealing location. Most of the time I save several versions, focusing on particular parts of the image I may later use when masking in Filterstorm. $2.99 by Johan Andersson

TouchRetouch HD: This content aware application will amaze you as it removes unwanted items from your image. Also I often use the clone tool to clean up my images. $.99 by Adva-Soft

Each of the above applications may be used several times as my layers are created. Each of them have specific tools I like to use. In my upcoming book I will be providing several step by step lessons on processing.

Impression: Watermarking - Final step. I like the ease and simplicity of this application to complete the image with my watermark. $1.99 by Blue Crowbar

I will unveil my favorite Camera Applications and Blending Filter options later this week!

Image Blender
VintageHD - always great to have filter choices

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