July 22, 2012


Where are you moving? Is a question I am frequently asked. I answer, "I don't know!"
I have owned my house in Cle Elum for 20 years. I loved it from the moment I saw the architect drawings. It has been my families house, a vacation rental, a place for family reunions and holiday gatherings. I have watched fawns take their first steps from my bedroom window, seen wild turkeys, raccoons, elk, skunks, chipmunks, mice and carpenter ants.
I built a dog house, a playhouse, a 3 tiered party deck and helped with a large master bedroom, bathroom remodel.
I have shoveled, blown and plowed snow. Landscaped, re-landscaped and tried again- the deer win every time!

For this chapter of my life I have just moved all of my belongs into my large detached garage so the renters can move their stuff into the house for the next year or two while their dream home gets built.

So back to where I am going to live. I am fortunate to have many options: Portland, Issaquah, the back of my car wherever it is parked, who knows maybe even New Zealand for awhile. Maybe even a few of you might find me on your couch for a few days as I travel. :-)
I will miss my home, however I am very much looking forward to the next chapter of my life...



  1. We've got a candle in the window for you TL, anytime! T&E Bside...

  2. Not that you can't use the couch, but we do have an extra room, too...


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