August 14, 2012

The Gift with the new app - Glaze

Processed with the new app Glaze
My life has been a a bit crazy lately. Seems like my routines are non existant. Some would say that I don't have a routine, which is mostly true. However my world of traveling, especially in my car has lacked in the recent past. Instead I have been packing my stuff to allow renters in my house for the next year, helping with wedding plans, enjoying the summer with hikes and bike rides, going to photography meetings, attending to picnics, and sorting through paperwork to please the IRS - important stuff.

Tomorrow I pick up my co workshop instructor, Harry Sandler and we head off to scout the Palouse. I am so excited because that means I will be back to my routines and will start blogging again on a regular basis. Plus I get to teach and be surrounded by positive energy from excited students.

Tonight I wrapped the gift for the couple's (my daughter and fiancee) wedding shower next weekend. When my daughters were young I spent a lot of time making sure they got great gifts and had interesting birthday parties. One of the most memorable parties was a "backwards party" where among other things we dressed with our clothes backwards, sang Happy Birthday Backwards and ate pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.

For the past few years I feel like my creative gift giving juices are lacking. My presents seems ordinary and wrapping minimal. So when presented with the need to buy a shower gift I was frustrated at my lack of uniqueness and creativity. Tonight however I started with something quite boring and made it personal and fun! I hope they like it!

I processed this image with a new app called Glaze. I was introduced to it by Karen Messick. She posted a great tutorial on it. I think it is a great look for still life. I hope to process some more images with it in the near future that are a bit more exciting.


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  1. your kids must have had so much fun growing up with you for a mom! I really like this shot and the look from that new app.......can hardly wait to see your next one with it. have a swell workshop!

  2. Beautiful image! Seems as though you are keeping very busy in spite of lack of 'routine' which is something I haven't managed to figure out yet! :-)

  3. Beautiful! -Dan Wexler, Glaze developer


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