August 17, 2012

WheatManna Composite

Enjoyed "playing"today!
The eleven workshop attendees, Harry and I had a long, fun, hot day shooting at many locations. This sign was found in Oaksdale, WA.
The base layer image was processed as a Autostiched pano. My ability to keep the outer edges straight was based on a technical concept from an image Harry Sandler made on a trip to the Everglades.
The composite was done with other images from Hipstamatic.
Other apps used were:
Image Blender


  1. TL--

    Can you be more precise about the "technical concept from an image Harry Sandler made"? I have a vertical Autostitch pano that's shaped like an hourglass, and maybe your "concept" can help me square it up. Thanks!

  2. Outrageous, T.L. Love love love it. Wish we were with you guys.


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