September 6, 2012

A Morning in the Enchantments - iPhone Style

Just got out of the alpine lakes of the Enchantments this evening. Backpacking allows me to get to places one can only see if they pack everything on their back and literally put one foot in front of the other. This trip my pack weighed about 30lbs, including my tripod and camera (iPhone). Not bad for 3 nights!
The Enchantments is a basin of high alpine lakes about 7800' elevation in the Washington State Cascades. It is difficult to get the required permits that allow backpackers to sleep in the borders of this incredibly beautiful place.
I was very fortunate to get asked to join a group that received this rare honor and took full advantage of the situation by waking up for sunrise and capturing photos all day long until sunset.

Today's image captures the essence of what I believe to be one of the most incredible places on earth. When I visited it over ten years ago I thought to myself, "This is how God intended the world to be."

Not only is it difficult to get the permits for this location it is also a difficult hike requiring a 2400' ascent in less than 1 mile that took me 3.5 hours to achieve. The effort was so worth every stiff ache and pain I felt as a walked from the car to the house this evening, and will experience in the next few days!


  1. Marvelous! You will have to share how you got the sunburst... when I try, I just get a blown out sun!

  2. Absolutely stunning shot - you should rightly be proud of the effort that you made to hike into this wild location and of the shots that you captured. In this one, you looked into the Sun but avoided the usual red spot that accompanies this action. And manged to avoid the Sun destroying the lighting of the other elements. The colors of the sky are gorgeous, as are the light rays. And then their is the landscape and the wildlife. Superb.

    Pray tell - how did you keep charge in you phone on a 3-day expedition without power??


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