September 18, 2012

Student Inspiration with iPad processing

The Enchantments

Today blog image was inspired by a student of mine, who is creating wonderful asian inspired art using Kanji. The image she asked me to review this week was a silhouette filled with many patterns of a cabbage leaf. The colors were vibrant and the patterns were well thought out.
Andrea is taking my iCreativity course to learn more about Filterstorm and how to blend and mask. She explained to me today that Photoshop has been difficult for her to grasp and how using the iPad to process her images on a regular basis is a allowing her to understand the masking and blending concepts better.

My silhouette of the mountain goat is a variation of her concept where I was able to blend in a previous scene I processed and posted earlier. This image is an example of how out of the box the  iPad creativity and processing can be. I love days like this when I can share another version of "what is possible."

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