October 10, 2012

Dull to Dynamite

Someone once called this place home!
I have been happily consumed with a new project. I have been asked to help manage the construction project of a new Urgent Care in the Portland area. The contractor is on a 30 day time frame and I am in charge of putting all the pieces together and making sure all the questions are asked of and answered by the most appropriate person. I am quite confident of my abilities to communicate the needs of the client to the contractor while at the same time I am quite challenged since I have the medical background of a patient.

Therefore my artistic juices are a bit lacking when I look at an image on my iPad most evening these days. Today however I was inspired by another image from the Palouse. This, a rather dull capture, was processed with ProHDR, Autostitch, Snapseed, PhotoForge, Filterstorm PhotoToaster and Touch Retouch. I really like how the texture and colors popped in the final version.

I don't often share the before image, but in this case I wanted to show how a rather lifeless photo has so much detail in it waiting for the processor to expose. 

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