December 15, 2012

iPhoneography Feeds My Soul in Portland

Time for gift giving!
Yesterday I posted on Facebook, "Photography feeds my soul and I am starving."

Shortly later while I was driving to work, yes I am employed hence the 'gone missing' concept (but more on that later), I decided to stop at a local park I have driven by numerous times. I was surprised at the number of cars in the parking lot on this drizzly misty damp day. When I first got out of the car I was fascinated by a lady all bundled up sitting under a small shelter reading a book. Why would she choose to read a book here? The photographer in me wanted to capture her in that moment but I chose to give her the privacy she deserved  - I know some of you would consider that I am slacking!

I decided to borrow as a prop a bouquet of flowers that I had bought as a Thank you gift. I used it in various shots thinking of a Christmas card photo idea. Then true to my nature I started to get more creative and in the end found myself capturing my familiar - "back side" pose.

The image was processed with Moka Hanga, Snapseed, Filterstorm and Image Blender. I actually was a bit rusty and had to process the image a few times before I got it right.

More on the "gone missing" issue....
My fulltime job opportunity presented itself to me disguised as a 6 week project. Urgent Care Express needed a project manager and I had some personal experience on how to facilitate a construction build out. I fully engaged myself in the project sometimes working crazy late into the night. I was spent by the end of the day, nothing was left to be creative with, therefore my blog has been neglected. Well the 10 week project is now open for business and I am winding down from my duties with marketing. The project was extremely rewarding personally due to the fact of working with such a wonderful management team, allowing me to be creative in decor and graphic design materials, and the pure pride of getting the job done right. However I will admit that when I processed this image it just felt good, feeding my soul and reminding me just how much I love photography and iPad processing.

So dear friends, followers and admirers I AM BACK. Ready to blog, teach, learn, share and feel the passion that feeds me! Thanks for your patience!

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