December 17, 2012

Before and After - Misty Fog Mood - Artistically created on the iPad

Peter's Valley, New Jersey

Headed to New Jersey today, not by airplane but by photo album.

This barn was captured during a workshop with Harry Sandler last June at the Peter's Valley. Workshops are always a great time of exploration and learning. This workshop was no different. I remember one student just wanting to take better photos of her grandchildren. I remembering telling her that after the workshop she will be able to do that and so much more. Another student used her iPad 2 on a tripod and was continually fascinated at what you could artistically do to a simple photograph.
So today I wanted to share a simple photo of a red barn that I changed artistically to a red barn on a damp misty day. I was obviously influenced by the weather of Portland.

Vintage HD

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  1. Great result - and fascinating exposé of the motivations of different students. Any chance of an expanded run down on the processing sequence through the apps tat you have listed? :-))

    1. I will do so in my series of iPad processing videos I am creating. They will show step by step how I use the vairous apps to create the final image. More information coming soon on this new learning series!

  2. Excellent - I shall look out for this new series. Happy Holidays.


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