January 10, 2013

Urgent Care Express- Free Flu Shot Friday - Portland

Local news has informed us that the flu season is here. Even though many pharmacies started advertising that they were giving flu shots in September many people are wanting them now. That is exciting here at Urgent Care Express since we seem to be one of the only clinics that have them left.
Many patients came in today willing to pay for them before we ran out even though tomorrow they will be FREE! We have had many phone calls today questioning our supply. Currently we have about 60. So if you are in the area call 503-249-9000 to make an appointment or walk-in at 4160 NE Sandy Blvd.

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  1. Since the flu epidemic had really affected the general public and now even also, the requirement for the immunizations process is on the essential side. Therefore the need for that had been compensated by the recent urgent care centers. Thanks for providing the notice for the urgent care flu shots. Urgent care since provide dedicated service at a low cost it is better to have the immunizations as early as possible to avoid any problems. It is a very thanks to the emergency care who did a lot for the easy medications process.


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