February 24, 2013

iPhoneography - My Passion

As many of you know I have been recently distracted from my iPhone Photography Passion due to a 'real' paying job. I have missed it every day while appreciating the new opportunity that I have been honored with.
A discussion with my oldest daughter a few years ago made realize and believe that many of my talents wouldn't be appreciated by employers because they looked at college education and 'real' job experience, which I have little since I have been self employed most my life.
Well I continue to be self employed however my current job allows me to shine and grow new ways every day. My official title is 'Onsite Clinic Manager'. The biggest challenge I have is learning how to utilize and be a team player since I have been the one who wears all the hats before.
It has been rewarding to learn the talents of the team and allow them to take pride in accomplishing tasks and projects. I have been able to be artistic with marketing and graphic design projects. My learning curve is pointing straight up while I mix in my need to please and organize with my duties of manager.
This newest chapter has unfortunately distracted me from my passion however I am always looking for ways to balance my life with more than just work.
Yesterday, thanks to my friend Dick, I spent an hour shooting and most of last evening processing images from Nisqually Wildlife Sanctuary. I had little distraction and felt proud of my final products.
I am hoping that this image is a sign that I can detangle myself from work every now and then and focus on the prize.

Lots of Love went into this image.

Tangled FX
FX Photo Studio
Image Blender

It felt good to bounce around from app to app watching my intended vision appear one layer at a time.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Stunning! If you do this while working a full time job, you should take on another one... Beautiful.


  2. Teri, a wonderful image, love its tones and mystery.


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