November 21, 2013

Portland Socks #1 and #2

All my life I saw people in 'fun' outfits and wished I could 'dress like that!' I really didn't have a particular look I liked more than others but I admired those that could put themselves together, be a little eccentric, maybe artistic is a better word. Anyway, when I found a pair of cute socks and put an outfit together that matched them, I felt like I was onto something. So I bought more fun socks and more clothes to go with them. I even went thrift store shopping looking to put together just the right clothes to create my Portland look. (BTW please don't tell my Aunt Joyce about my Thrift shopping as she is the queen and will start buying me things... Love you AJ) 
Today I captured my second Portland Socks image. The first one was captured a couple weeks ago on the Portland waterfront. There are more to come as I have started quite a collection of knee and over the knee socks. As always with My Backside images, these are selfies captured on my iPhone. I must admit I do have fun!

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