November 2, 2015

New Zealand Gear List - iPhone

iPhone Gear List to New Zealand - 42 days

Complete gear 

What I'll bring when backpacking. 

So excited for this adventure. I hope you enjoy virtually traveling with me. 

Tomorrow I fly to New Zealand for a 42 day car camping/backpacking adventure on the North and South Island. I will arrive on the 5th after a stop over in SFO and the time change. 
I am planning on first exploring the tip of the North Island spending 10 car camping along the way to Wellington. The remainder of my days will be on the South Island with two 5 day tramps planned and the remainder of the time car camping to wherever my heart desires. 

I hope to blog when I am connected to WIFI along my journey either on my iPhone or iPad. 

Here is my gear list:

iPhone 6s Plus 128gb with Apple Case
iPhone 6 Plus 128 gb - as a back up camera in Tigra water resistant case

Moko waterproof case 

iPad and case

Velbon Carbon Fiber tripod -2006
Slik SBH-100DQ ball head with two plates. 
RetiCAM iPhone holder

(Yes the tripod is big and bulky. I have tried others that are lighter and therefore many times less sturdy or not as tall or not adjustable. So I keep using the Velbon.)

SanDisk Ixpand 128gb Flash drive - for backup. I also backup to Dropbox when connected to WIFI

Moment Lenses 60mm and 18mm

3 Jockery battery packs - 12000mAh, 6000mAh and 3200mAh
2 cords to charge battery packs 


2 earbuds
2 - 6" charge cords
1 - 3' charge cord

Olympus Pen E-P5
Olympus 14-150 mm lens with hood lens
2 Olympus Batteries with wall charger 
2 - 32gb Sandisk Extreme sd cards
Tiffen Neutral Density 1.2 filter
Tiffen Neutral Density 3.0 filter
Think Tank Digital Holster 5 - camera case
SD card reader
Adapter to transfer sd card images to iPad so I can use the iPad to process the images. 
Towel to wipe off moister

(The Olympus has been a camera of mine for 2 years now. I rarely use it.  I am bringing it on this trip because I recently bought a new lense for it and maybe now I'll use it more. I am looking forward to having a 150mm telephoto lense.)

FujiFilm instax share sp-1 printer with 40 prints

Business Cards

Eagle Creek case to hold all the little items. 

Hope this list is helpful to those who are planning a similar adventure. I will let you know how it worked out for me. 

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