March 23, 2011

Bryce Canyon Cave

I had fun with this one.

Originally when I stitched this one together it was on a 45 degree angle. As you have seen from some of my past posts you can get some quite interesting stitches at times. Since I didn't want the leave the photo on a 45 degree angle I spend time going through various apps trying to straighten it without luck. Most of the time the app wanted to cut the top and bottom off the photo which made it totally lose its effect. Finally Juxaposter works. With that app I was able to move and scale the stitched image. I placed it on the textured background of a photo I took on the same hike. Yes, the colors on the limestone walls were really brilliant in some areas.

I finished the processing in Filterstorm adding a layer so I could bring the same texture and color to the sky.

What a wonderful hike I had among the hoodoo's that afternoon.


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