March 31, 2011


Yesterdays blog was a simple Tiny Planets app processing technique. When I sat down with my images today, I thought I wanted to 'play' with that app once again but knew there had to be more than just simply curling the skyline into a circle.

So today I spent time not only trying many variations of the final image but I wanted to share my step by step process since yesterdays blog had two people asking for 'more info'.

I started by taking a past blog post of the City Center in Las Vegas and applied both the 'tiny planet' version and the 'tiny tube' version. See below.

Then since fxPhotoStudio, a favorite app, had a recent update that included some sketching filters, I applied one of them to the 'tiny tube' version: Color Pencil Sketch. At this point I knew that I wanted my final version to be processed in Juxaposter with the frame in frame idea.

I continued by adding two additional filters: Marine and Vintage Blue. Followed by a thin black frame. See below screen prints from my iPad.

Next I processed the 'tiny planet' version by first sharpening it in PerfectPhoto and then opened it in fxPhotoStudio to just add a thin black frame.

Finally I opened both images in Juxaposter and placed one on top of the other turning the top image slightly.

I think the image actually looks like it is a futuristic space station. Who knows maybe my grandchildren will live in a place like this some day!

FxPhotoStudio also made an exciting announcement yesterday. Click here for more information.


  1. For me, one of the most fascinating recent posts you've had. Tremendously creative. Look forward to your posts. Gotta say, my "big camera" is starting to get lonely here of late.

  2. Donnie, thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed creating the iSpaceStation. So glad you are enjoying your iPhone. I rarely get my 'Big Girl Camera' out either!!


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