April 1, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Is it spring yet?
In the spirit of play I bought a kite at Costco earlier this week. I was hoping that Spring was just around the corner, however it poured for 4 days which is very unusual for around here.
Today the clouds parted and the wind picked up so as I was driving past a big open field in town I remembered the kite and my desire to add some color in my life. As I was opening the box a wind gust blew the directions out the window and down the parking lot. I quickly started chasing the piece of paper. It was classic, the minute that it was just out of reach the wind gusted. I chased it until a big gust blew it into and across the street. I hate littering like that but Mother Nature won that one.
Well most people would have taken the clue to not think about flying a kite that day but not me. I persistently put that kite together as the wind battered us. Costco sold the whole thing as a kit so it was pretty easy even without the instructions.
I walked the kite to the field as one wind gust after the other hit. At least I didn't have to run to lift the kite in the sky. No I had the opposite problem, the gusts would hit so hard the poor kite would fold and bend, but never break After several hard nose drives, even when the string was at the end of the line, I gave up. However not before I captured a few images of it flying Proudly!!!

Iris - blending and masking
Filterstorm - sharpening

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