March 2, 2011

Solitude Along the Coast

Oregon Coast, near Goldbar

On the trip down the Oregon coast, I attempted getting out of the car to do some shooting with my tripod. The minute I got out my hair whipped in my face and the rain soaked my pants. So I didn't venture far and I didn't capture anything worthwhile. I did however spend some time at turn outs jockeying my car into the right position as to capture the shot from out of the driver window. I would open the camera app, quickly roll down the window, take about 5 shots and roll up the window only to find that the wind blew the rain into the car soaking my lap. 
It was worth the effort however as I captured this image of rocks along the low tide beach. I wish I could share the sound of the wind and waves with you too. It was a true moody day.

Never made it to the Redwoods as I hoped since the weather was too gloomy, maybe on the trip home.
Looking forward to warmer drier weather as I head south. 

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