April 27, 2011

Review - Iris Photo Suite for iPad

Processed with Iris for iPad using many Fx Effects, Sharpen and Text
What a great day it was to wake up and find out that Iris Photo Suite for iPad is now available. I am very impressed with the new options available especially the opacity brush - yippy - and the strength sliders - yahoo!!! There are many additional Fx Effects/Textures folders including: Vintage, Grunge, Surface, Lo-Fi, and Dust 'n'Scratches.
The capability of masking improved dramatically now that there is an opacity setting for the brush. This feature alone makes Iris more useful than ever. Another addition worth mentioning is the Sharpen/Blur Adjustment that can be masked.
When you open Iris for iPad you are given two options: 'Open a New Image' or 'Click a New Image'. I was confused by this when I tapped 'Click a New Image' and nothing happened. Then, thanks to a fellow iPhoneographer, I realized this feature only worked with the iPad2 that has a camera, click is for take photo, duh! I currently only have the original iPad as you can now tell.
Another feature that I didn't follow correctly at first is 'Adjust'. To change the size of an image, first tap 'Adjust' then tap the blue arrow, choose the size of the image , then you must tap 'Go'. The last step wasn't obvious for me.
The only complaint I have after using this app today is that the 'Text' is lacking in many ways: The opacity option isn't available. You can not see the style of font until it is selected. The font styles are not in alphabetical order making it difficult to find your favorites. Also you need to type your text each time instead of saving the last one used as a default, which would be very useful to continually have for your copyright signature. Until these options are available I am going to continue to use the app Impression.
Overall I am so impressed with all the additions and improvements to this wonderful app I use very frequently. I am highly recommended it, especially for $2.99.

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  1. I'm having fun discovering, or re-discovering capabilities of this App. For instance, the crop function, which has a straighten tool included is new. Color Sense is probably the same as before but frankly it was just too small on the iPhone...kinda cool on the iPad.


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