May 9, 2011

Following my Passion

I am constantly inspired and motivated to create a new iPhone/iPad processed image by many different things and people. My mentor, Harry Sandler, fellow iPhoneographers and my students are a constant in my life and I am very appreciative of them. I see wonderful images all day long on Facebook and Flickr, and I am introduced to new photography apps almost daily. I could be overwhelmed by it all but most times at least I am not. Instead I find that I am constantly creating self induced deadlines so I can keep learning.
I started a list this morning of things I needed and wanted to do this week. It is long and most likely to carry into the following week. That is just fine with me, because I have discovered that since I have found my passion, great opportunities keep coming my way. Although the opportunities are great, it is the people who present those opportunities or are now a part of my life because of them that I am most grateful for.



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