May 6, 2011

Scrapbooking on the iPad

My crazy daughters!!!
This afternoon I was thinking of strong, capable, nice women and was reminded of this poem, one of my favorites. It is hanging in my hallway on the way to the kitchen. I thought it would be fun to take a photo of the poem for a montage that I was planning to work on. I thought I was going to use it as the background or place it in the corner of my latest work. I also went upstairs looking for texture papers to shoot, never can have enough of those. Then I sat down and opened up Montage on my iPad and started adding various images. Nothing was blending the way I hoped, so I started concentrating on just framing the poem. As I framed it I was reminded of the days I was into scrapbooking (yes I have all the papers, punches, stamps, stickers, glitter....) and thought I would create 'a page' with  Montage. It was fun to build one element after the other, framing, sizing and placing. The main difference is that I didn't use scissors or glue, and I could resize the image to fit, so much easier. It is also very cool that I will always have this page with me on my iPad. I will admit that I used some photos from the archive files just as I would have if I was doing old fashioned scrapbooking so my daughters were not shot with the iPhone (me bad). The photo came from a Mother's Day about 5 years ago - a wonderful memory!

Montage - placement, sizing, text and clip art
Filterstorm - blending, framing and sizing
Grungetastic - framing
PhotoStudio - framing and rotating
Poem by Eleanor Roosevelt

Please note: I have created 'Pages' for my online iPhoneography classes - see box in upper left column. There you can find information on each class I instruct and a simple Buy Now button to sign up. Of course you can always contact me with additional questions prior to signing up if you like. Remember iPhoneography 101 starts again on Monday, May 9th. Space is limited. 

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