June 27, 2011

AutoPainter - Red Barn in Wheat Field

The Palouse is glorious for many reasons the red barns being one of them. Today the skies were a streaked with clouds without much contrast, however finding this red barn tucked into the hillside of the rolling wheat caused us to stop regardless.

During this photo tour I have been exclusively shooting with my iphone while the ladies use there big girl cameras. I did show off enough of what I was able to accomplish with my iPhone to convince one to them to buy a few apps while she was here. I also gave a demonstration to how the iPad apps could be used on the big girl camera images. I impressed them with todays image. Showing off Filterstorm's capabilities to blend and mask. Also showing that Nik has an app for the Ipad as well. I have sold many apps during the tour and also an iPad. Apple should love me!

AutoPainter HD - Van Gogh

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  1. Great shot TL glad you are having a great time in the Palouse on your workshop!


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