July 31, 2011

Ice of Iceland - Big Girl Camera Captured - iPad Processed

Well I actually brought two cameras with me, a Nikon and my iPhone. I mentioned that I would post an image from my Nikon that I apped and here it is!  I finally had some time to download all my Nikon photos and picked one of my favorites for this post. Iceland is the land of ice that is for sure.
I did several tests when importing this image through iTunes in the sync mode. I didn't try the PhotoTransfer app or the email option because I don't have the option of wireless on my iPad here in Iceland at this time. The largest image that would sync was 3,523,584 pixels.
I used just two apps for this image as I really didn't want to app it that much. PerfectPhoto for sharpening and fxPhotostudio filter Tokyo. Impression for my copyright.
Remember that the last day for the fxPhotoStudio competition is on August 2nd for a free online iPhoneography 101 course from yours truly.  Post the images on Facebook site for fxPhotoStudio. If you have questions you can email me at teri@terilou.com.

In conclusion: Iceland will stay with me for a very long time. It is an incredibly diverse, colorful and inspiring country.  When I visit again I will rent a camper or car camp so I can be where the sunrises and be in the magical places longer. I really just wanted to perch and soak it in at times. I am very grateful to Harry and Michael for the great times and the opportunity to join them for a short time during this journey we call life!

Tomorrow I fly home - 12 hours of flight time. I have everything charged so I should be able to create more great art, however I won't be posting until Tuesday most likely.

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