August 29, 2011

Another Door of iPhoneography

Harpa Concert Hall

When in Iceland I visited the concert hall, Harpa Concert Hall. The structure is an architectural marvel. I was fascinated with the glass and reflections. As I walked around I discovered a fun place to capture a self portrait. At first I set it up the conventional way with the camera on the tripod and me standing in front. Then I started capturing the reflection of me standing next to my tripod. I finally became satisfied with the image when I got out of the box even more. I set ProCamera on a timer and started walking along this very reflective wall. As I walked the the camera captured the image. It took few times for me to look as though I was casually walking and to get my reflection in a pleasing location.
Today I processed the image with an out of the box graphical direction. All the steps were completed in Filterstorm.

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  1. What's my line?
    I'm happy cleaning windows
    Take my time
    I'll see you when my love grows
    Baby don't let it slide
    I'm a working man in my prime
    Cleaning windows (number a hundred and thirty-six) Van Morrison


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