August 25, 2011

Change of Scenery

View toward Portland, OR

The photo I posted yesterday was captured as I departed the Palouse near St John. I am amazed how such a major road can have absolutely no traffic on it.
After driving for 5 hours and am now just east of Portland at a friends house. The view toward Portland is incredible. I love watching the sunsets, seeing the evening lights and even observed the fireworks displays throughout the valley during the 4th of July from here.
I am going to try and stay put for a few days and get some much needed updates done.


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  1. I wanna stand up, I wanna let go
    You know, you know - no you don't, you don't I wanna shine on in the hearts of men
    I want a meaning from the back of my broken hand
    Another head aches, another heart breaks
    I am so much older than I can take
    And my affection, well it comes and goes
    I need direction to perfection,

    The Killers


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