August 4, 2011

Iceland Puffins - Processed with Snapseed

On the last stop of the last day of our tour, we went to Kirkjufjara. There we found a couple large lagoons with beautiful black sand and rock beaches. he cliffs were amazing and there were wonderful rock formations in the ocean. As I was walking along the beach I saw these birds flying back and forth. At first I didn't pay much attention thinking they were gulls but I finally looked up and was thrilled to see the Puffins. I then ran back to get Michael Pressman because he is a wildlife photographer and I knew he wouldn't want to miss this moment. Unfortunately the Puffins were too high in the rock wall for me to capture but a dot with my iPhone so I went to collect rocks on the beach instead. (I have rocks from every adventure I have been on for years now.)

Later we went to the top if the hill where the light house was. This is when I spotted the puffins next to the cliff's edge but in a location that if, and that was a BIG if, I could walk up to them I might be able to capture more than a dot. So I s-l-o-w-l-y walked up to them talking a photo and taking a step and then taking a photo and taking a step until I was within 3 feet of two of them. At this point I was still standing up and hand holding the camera (My tremor was not allowing me to capture a great image so at this point I was still unhappy that I wouldn't be getting a very good image.)

Next I ever so slowly kneeled down on the grass on set up my tripod without extending the legs. I put my iPhone on the tripod holder aimed and took more photos. This time I knew they would be sharp and wonderful - I was dancing in my seat! I didn't need to get any closer then the 3 feet since the cliff was at least a 2000 foot drop to the beach below. The ProCamera App captured a wonderful image.

I processed this with PerfectPhoto, Filterstorm and Snapseed. It was a great ending to a great trip!

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  1. I'm a thousand miles from nowhere
    Time don't matter to me
    'Cause I'm a thousand miles from nowhere
    And there's no place I wanna be
    Dwight Yoakum

  2. Totally awesome what a fabulous shot and experience!


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