August 5, 2011

Shooting with iPhoneography Friends in the Palouse

Processed with Artista Haiku, Blender and Grungetastic

Discovered a new abandoned house today!

A group of iPhoneography friends and I decided to gather in the Palouse this week. We are having too much fun! This morning the clouds were glorious and we took full advantage of them. Our first stop at my favorite combines and at farmer Rod's. We stopped for lunch at Grumpy's in Garfield and all had a great hamburger. In the afternoon we captured a couple abandoned houses and barns. Finished the day with a lone tree and sunset at Steptoe.
Left to right: Teri Lou, Rod Huber, Elizabeth Fielder, Tom Fielder, Dewitt Jones, Dave, Lynette Sheppard

Everyone is having a great time and I am enjoying being the guide.

I will have two more days with these wonderful photographers. I am so grateful!

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1 comment:

  1. Home for sale
    That's much too large
    Too many rooms
    Big ole empty yard
    Far more space
    Than the owner needs
    Price includes
    All the memories

    Home for sale
    Restored like new
    Just a place
    Two lives outgrew
    A change in heart
    Forces move away
    Would like to keep
    But just can't stay

    Listen close and you might hear the sound
    Of what you think is rainfall leaking down
    The roof is fine
    Set aside your fears
    It's just a few remaining tears

    Home for sale
    Not all that old
    A family's's dream
    Stands dark and cold
    Scenic views
    That go for free
    Of all the love
    That used to be

    Home for sale
    That's much too large
    Dwight Yoakam


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