August 9, 2011

Old Machinery of the Palouse

Manure Spreader
One would think that this rusted old piece of machinery would be a permanent fixture in the field. Well in this case it isn't true. Last year I watch Rod pull it behind his just as old tractor to fertilize the field with is horses manure. Yes is gets really thick on the farm.

Most days there was not a cloud in the sky this week, very unusual for the region. However on this late morning the clouds gave my image a fairy tale like scene. I chose to paint it because of that very feeling I had.

It was sad to leave the Palouse. I have such an emotional connection to the people, their way of life and the endless scenery. There are so many places I can go and hear only the sound of the 'waves of grain'. Most days I drive for miles and not see more than 3 cars. It is a place of wonderment and joy for me.

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  1. Harry made a bareback rider proud and free upon a horse

    And a fine coalminer for the NCB that was

    A fallen angel and Jesus on the cross
    A skating ballerina you should have seen her do the skater's waltz

    Some people have got to paint and draw
    Harry had to work in clay and stone
    Like the waves coming to the shore
    It was in his blood and in his bones
    Ignored by all the trendy boys in London yes and Leeds
    He might as well have been making toys or strings of beads
    He could'nt be... He could'nt be..... in the gallery

    And then you get an artist says he doesn't want to paint at all
    He takes an empty canvas and sticks it on the wall
    The birds of a feather all the phonies and all of the fakes
    While the dealers they get together
    And they decide who gets the breaks
    And who's going to be in the gallery
    No lies he wouldn't compromise
    No junk no bits of string
    And all the lies we subsidise
    That just don't mean a thing
    I've got to say he passed away in obscurity
    And now all the vultures are coming down from the tree
    So he's going to be in the gallery

    Dire Straits


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