August 10, 2011

Olympic National Park - Blue Mountain

Back on the road. This time I went to the opposite side of the state from the Palouse to the Olympic National Park. I was home long enough to make appointment for reviews with my iPhoneography course students, wash my clothes and repack the car.
I have been trying to get to the park all summer however the weather has not been cooperating so I took advantage of the sunshine and packed in another adventure. My friend Mark is joining me on this photo/hiking tour. We arrived at Blue Mountain, elevation 6009 feet just in time for sunset last night. It was a very cold night especially considering it is still summer.

This morning we were greeted by 6 deer that meandered through the valleys totally unafraid of us. Later we walked and photographed around the summit watching the fog and clouds constantly cover and expose the valleys below. It was incredible.

Today's image was processed with Snapseed and sharpened with PerfectPhoto.

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