September 6, 2011

B&W - many great app choices

Olympic National Park - on top of Blue Mountain

Vintage Version

Today's image was first processed using Snapseed in color with the Selective Adjustment Points.

Since I was already using Snapseed I decided to first try its Black and White conversion. However when I saw the results on my laptop I didn't like it because I had over saturated and added too much drama.

At this point I could have processed the image again in Snapseed but I decided to instead do some experiments. So I started using other apps to process the same color image into Black and White.

First I used Simply B&W with the yellow and red filters since I liked them the best.

Then I tried Filterstorm B&W without doing any other adjustments. - I found it too flat initially so I  added curve, saturation and contrast adjustments to it.

Next I tried MonoPhix and discovered the app had a significant update since I last used it. I really love the Light Shade Intensity and Dark Shade Intensity sliders for all the color filter options. It is my experience with this update this app has the most control, and I was really liking my outcome.

Then I opened the image in Dynamic Light. Wow! talk about! I saved several different versions.

For the vintage looks I processed the image in OldPhotoPro and VintageScene. Both apps created an image I liked.

In the end, I really appreciated having many apps that processed Black and White so well, and I left many out of this experiment that I believe would be equally as good. Having choices is important to me, even though they are overwhelming at times.

Today I wasn't thinking of posting a vintage look so I am leaning toward the more traditional image. However, I am still curious to what image I will pick to post, as I still haven't decided.

Another option is to use a couple of my favorites from the above choices and blend/brush them together...yes that is what I will do... I believe choosing the 'best' is very personal and timely. So today's favorite might not be tomorrow's.... Maybe I'll post two!

An important point to note is that all of the above apps saved the image at the high resolution (5mp).

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  1. lovin' would be easy if you colors were like my dreams red gold and green red gold and green Boy George


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